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1- Supposing the Property to be Insured for Rs.50,00,000/   2- Rate to be Used for Calculating Sum Assured
3- Premium Rate Applicable for Home Insurance   4- Extra Premium Payable
01-Introduction of Home/House Hold Insurance
02-Need of Home Insurance
03-Head Office Addresses of Home Insurance Company
04-What Home Insurance policy covers in India?
05-What Home Insurance policy in India does not cover?
06-Various Products of Home Insurance Company
07-Various Home Insurance Company's Product in India
a)- Download Policy Brochure/ Wording/ Proposal Form/ Claim Form Various Home Insurance Products
b)- Policy Wording of Home Insurance (Bajaj Allianz Gen. Ins. Co. Ltd.)
c)- Policy Wording of Home Insurance (National Ins. Co. Ltd.)
08-Product Selection Guide Home Insurance Company's
a)-Salient Points of Products of Various Insurance Company
b)-Selection of Home insurance Products Company in India
c)-Best Rates of Various Home Insurance Companies Use calculator
09-Home Insurance Claim Procedures Issues
a)-Consumer Forum Case Studies in India
b)-Protect Your Interests
c)-Circumstances under Which Claims Get Rejected.
d)-Claims Not Allowed - Some Case Studies.
10-Home Insurance FAQs
(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions on Home Insurance in India.
11-Market Scenario
a)-Market Share of Home Insurance in India.
b)-Where are We Heading
c)-Future Changes Expected
Frequently Asked Question's on Home Insurance India
Q.6. Does Home insurance covers flooding?
Ans. Yes, it covers. You should not think it can be flooding due to river only. It can be flooding due to sewer overflowing or pipe burst of the water main pipeline which can flood your locality and your home.
Q.7. Can I get Home insurance for apartment which is rented out to a tenant?
Ans. Yes, you can insure the structure. As far as contents are concerned the tenant can get these insured as he is the owner of those assets.
Q.8. Sculptures, unique tiles, antique stones fixed in our home are to be insured under home insurance policy? Can it be done?
Ans. Yes, these can be insured. May be for some highly valuable items there will a need to have a separate policy issued. A Sculpture costing Rs.10000 may be considered as part of normal home insurance policy but a Sculpture piece by a master artist and costing Rs.70 lakhs definitely needs a separate policy.
Q.9. Will my home is covered from bomb blasting and any other kind of terrorism damage?
Ans. Yes, you have to pay premium for terrorism cover separately. It is not part of normal home insurance policy.
Q.10. Will my home is covered from the destruction caused by the thunderstorm?
Ans. Yes, it is covered under the head storm.
Q.11. Clarify whether home insurance policy covers land as well as the building?
Ans. There is no need to cover land as it never gets destroyed. The structure of the building can get destroyed by any natural calamity say earthquake, flood etc: but the land will always be there. Therefore your building (structure) should be covered for all risks.
Q.12. One door and 2 windows of my home have been damaged by flood and it need replacement of 50% part (wood/plywood) and full polishing for 100%.Can I lodge claim for this?
Ans. Yes, it is covered. It will be paid.
Q.13 Due to dust storm the glass panes of 5 windows of my house got cracks? Is it covered under home insurance?
Ans. If the claim amount is small say Rs 2000 you may get paid under normal policy. If the claim amount is Rs 15000 or higher due to damage to expensive glass /plate glass then your claim will be rejected if you had not paid higher premium under plate glass category. It is suggested that you should declare value under plate glass at the time of taking the policy. You will pay slightly higher premium but it will protect your interest as glass can always get damaged due to various reasons.
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